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MBSS Services

Sustainable Ministry coaching

MBS Solutions has years of experience in customizing sustainable ministry opportunities for churches within their unique situation. As churches across the country continue to see declining giving trends, they must begin to think outside the normal contact of ministry. For years, churches have established themselves in prime locations with the goal of reaching the surrounding community. Unfortunately, many of these ministries underutilize their location and facilities, becoming invisible to those who drive by it everyday. Our goal at MBSS is to coach churches towards becoming more embedded in their communities by using their buildings as a tool for sustainable ministry. 

Project Feasibility 

Our feasibility process is designed to give churches a proper understanding of their current state and help them discover opportunities for future ministry in their community. Our goal is to provide the proper foundation for each ministry so that they have a solid strategy for developing their property/facilities to their highest and best use. Our experienced team of strategic partners will provide their expertise in church development, which is rooted in years of ministry experience.


The Step 1 process also includes various reports and analyses to provide an expert and holistic understanding of your congregation and the surrounding community. This will include a property analysis, an in-depth market demographics report, a ministry survey, a comprehensive financial review, and recommendations for development. In addition, it involves coaching and representation as we navigate the future together. In this case, we start with a detailed conversation with church leadership, asking questions about current facilities or property, brainstorming for-profit uses, and discerning together what God is calling you to next.

Professional Management

MBS Solutions will also connect you with leading professional management companies that can remove the operational and financial burdens from the church and help ensure the success or your business. Strategic management partners include MBE Hospitality Management- a hotel management company, and Learning Care Group, Inc.- the second-largest for-profit childcare provider in North America with 900 locations across the country and around the world. Our company has also partnered with Retail Strategies and Retail Specialist to help broker and manage our mixed-use retail projects. 


The MBSS team of financial experts and experienced pastors truly understand the challenge of ministry fundraising and are equipped to come alongside your leadership to develop a comprehensive and strategic funding plan while helping the ministry become healthier throughout the process.


The Momentum Stewardship Campaign includes five basic components. Each of these components are used to prepare the congregation to grasp the vision God has given your leaders, and to invite them to become a part of expanding the kingdom in your community.

  1. Ministry Expansion Study - The Ministry Expansion Study (MES) assesses the capacity of the people within the Ministry to give for the intended project(s). Just because a church needs money, it doesn't mean the congregation will give the necessary funds. MBSS realizes that anytime a church talks about money, people can experience stress. When people experience anxiety, they tend to react one of two ways. They will either pull away from the church or unite behind a common vision. Our objective is to prepare the church for a successful, unifying campaign.

  2. Planned Giving - The Generosity Initiative is a planned giving program created by our strategic partner, GA Repple & Company, a registered broker/dealer & investment advisor that serves more than 25,000 clients across all 50 states. The GA Repple team will present your ministry with an estate planning and planned giving education and execution strategy. This will include a special focus on tax efficiency, and will offer creative ways for people to participate in the campaign in ways other than cash gifts.

  3. Momentum Weekend- Momentum Weekend is designed to lay a theological foundation for stewardship as we introduce people in the Ministry to an important question that God will ask all believers: “what did you do with what I gave you?” This three-session workshop offers the flexibility to be hosted at different times throughout the weekend which will allow for wider participation. Session 1 focuses on the fact that our work is part of our worship. Session 2 brings various tools to the table to help people understand that they can make their work permanent and continue giving towards the growth of the Kingdom, even after their death. Session 3 will focus on The Next Generation Church and will unveil what the Ministry may look like long into the future. 

  4. Vision Video - Together with our videographer Josiah Burdock, your ministry will have the opportunity to create a video that will help cast the vision of your project. This video is usually shown to the congregation on Vision Sunday. You will not only work together to create a script, but will spend a few days together on site for the filming of interviews, ministry, and building footage.

  5. Hearing from God Capital Campaign - The “Hearing from God” capital campaign is a 6-week strategic devotional series focused on cultivating spiritual sensitivity and generosity within each individual in your congregation. The church body is directed through specific study and prayer topics using customized campaign materials. The goal is to spark a life-long journey of discipleship, wherein each person recognizes their role as a steward of the life, resources, and talents God has graciously given them. As a result, your members will discover how those gifts can be leveraged to bless your ministry vision.

  6. Introduction to our lending partners - Upon completion of your celebration Sunday, you will be introduced to our lending partners who can introduce you to a strong network of more than 100 traditional and non-traditional commercial lenders. With years of experience of working with churches, our partners will walk you all the way through the process to make sure you have kingdom-minded representation all the way though the experience. 

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